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About SEO Guru

I take pleasure in introducing myself as a Search Engine Optimization consultant India with thorough expertise in the field. I have a reputation of making a number of website emerge from grave losses. My asset- immense dedication and uncompromising high quality of work.

For almost a decade, I have had the pleasure of working at the intersection of ecommerce application development, Online Marketing and Web Analytics as our society has become increasingly digital. My career has been largely spent leading major brands like SlideWorld, Accenture through this transformation, I train them how to engage, influence and activate their audiences using all aspects of online, new/digital and social media marketing and automation, in particular online branding, online reputation management (ORM), data capture (web analytics), customer acquisition and retention campaigns Cross Channel Marketing via Digital Mediums (online, cable, mobile & consoles etc).

Research enthusiastic; researching on new ways of information retrieval using automation (crawlers) and data capture for user engagement. Represented paper on SRIRE (Search Engine Rank Improvement using Reverse Engineering) in IIT Delhi.

My Specialties:
Directing online business promotions, online reputation management, media buying, affiliate management, e-mail marketing, SEM (paid inclusions, pay per click, organic listings) web-2 & smo, web analytics, sms and mobile marketing

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